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25+ Easy To Make Cantaloupe Drawing Ideas For 2023

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cantaloupe drawing ideas by viral painting in 2023

Drawing a cantaloupe is a lot easier than most people think. Cantaloupe is one of the best summertime fruits, and its sweet taste is perfect for those who don’t like their fruit too tart. 

Drawing a cantaloupe may seem difficult if you’re not accustomed to it, but with these simple steps, you’ll go from drawing an okay-looking piece of fruit to drawing something worth displaying in your fridge!

Cantaloupe is a fantastic fruit to draw if you’re looking for real fruit. Cantaloupe is available all year round, meaning it can be used anytime. They’re also easy to find, whether you live in the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, or anywhere else.

The island of Hawaii has the largest cantaloupe crop in the world! Food coloring and pigments are easily found at your local grocery store for use in your drawings.

Simple cantaloupe drawing ideas for kids:

Round cantaloupe: Kids can start easily by drawing a simple circle. Drawing a round shape is one of the easiest things you can do. Next, draw a little seed on the bottom of the circle.

Then, draw two seeds on each side of the top part of your circle to represent the stem area. There’s no need to draw in detail with these seeds. Just draw them as simple circles, and you’re finished with this step!

At this point in your drawing, you have a cantaloupe that looks like one-half of a cantaloupe (see image below). Now you need to fill in and complete the other side by adding another circle to each side.

Sliced cantaloupe: Draw the basic shape of your cantaloupe, but don’t draw the seeds or stem. You only need to draw a line to complete this step.

Next, you need to fill in the seed area of your half circle. If you’ve used food coloring in your drawing, this might not seem easy because you’ll have to add color after filling in some areas, and a white spot will be left showing through. Fortunately, there are quick ways around this!

First, cover those spots with a regular pencil to ensure that white spots won’t show through when you’re done. This way, if the color dries out, you can always go back and add more color if needed.

Cute colored cantaloupe drawinmg ideas 

Easy cantaloupe drawing ideas for adults:

Sliced cantaloupe with seeds: Draw a long line for your slice shape. Then, draw your seeds as stripes across the top of your slice shape.

Round cantaloupe with stem: Draw a circle as in step one. To complete this step, you need to draw three lines that resemble the stem area of your cantaloupe.

One line should be vertical, just above the seed area, and the other two should come down about halfway and end at an angle on the bottom of your circle.


Cantaloupe Slice drawing ideas for adults 


Easy to make cantaloupe drawing ideas 

Cantaloupe drawing ideas for expert artists:

Cantaloupe with stem inside: Start by drawing a simple outline of your round shape. Next, draw in two circles on each side of your round shape. They should be almost touching.

Each circle will be slightly less than half the thickness of your first circle (see image below). Draw another line between the two circles vertically to help complete the stem area.

One round of Cantaloupe and one sliced Cantaloupe: Experts can draw the whole fruit at once. Start by drawing a long line to resemble the long curved shape of your cantaloupe.

Then, after drawing your line, draw small lines on each side of your vertical stem line to complete the stem area. Then, draw a small “X” shape (without lines) just above each circle to mark where the seeds will be placed. Finally, fill some spaces with vertical and horizontal lines across your “X” shapes.


Cantaloupe drawing ideas for expert artist 




This cantaloupe drawing has to be one of the easiest fruit drawings. By following these simple steps, you should be able to make a tasty cantaloupe on your own. Enjoy!

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