53+ Easy Christmas Tree Drawing Ideas Beginners To Expert Artist 2022-23

This post features 53+ Christmas tree drawing ideas for all ages and skill levels, from learners to more advanced artsy people.

So are you ready to create some amazing Christmas drawings? We are sure you are.

We will learn and create Christmas trees together, with these simple and adorable drawing ideas.

This project is easy enough for all artists of different ages and skill levels, whether a novice or an expert.

Let’s begin!

Simple christmas tree drawings ideas

As Christmas is on the air, learning how to draw a Christmas tree would be very handy while decorating and celebrating Christmas.

The Christmas tree drawing is fairly an easy one but its detailing might get complicated for some, especially for beginners to expert artist.. 

There are many ways you can draw a Christmas tree effortlessly. A simple triangle and some decorations over it is the easiest hack of all time. This hack is useful for beginners and novices.

You can also make complex and detailed curvy lines to create a more natural and real look.

This post will show you how you can draw in both ways and choose the one you prefer most for your artwork. You will draw a cute tree in just a few minutes, just follow these drawing ideas and you’ll see!

Let’s begin with the kid’s section!

Christmas tree drawings for kids

This space contains some easy-peasy drawings of Christmas trees mainly for kids and novices. The collected images are perfectly fine for anyone who has a basic understanding of drawing.

What could be better than decorating your home for the occasion of Christmas Eve with your kid’s handmade arts and crafts?

Christmas eve will come to be more special when adorned with kids’ lovely drawings, also this will make them more encouraged and cheerful.

So kids, collect your drawing tools and start drawing with the help of the below-drawing images!

Learn and draw this cute little christmas day tree without a trunk to make your celebrations more special. 

Just look at the picture carefully and get to work.

The given image of a decorated christmas tree with stars, and lights. 

It is easy to draw christmas 2022 drawing for kids.

Try this simple to draw christmas 2022 tree for children. 

Add your favorite colors and decorative elements to make it look fuller and special for the festive day.

Lighten up your festival with this easy Christmas tree 2022 drawing idea. 

Colour star with a bright yellow, and the stem with dark deep brown.

I love this frozen christmas tree with facial features and a star on the top. 

It is indeed perfect for toddlers and children going to school.

Hold your markers and pencils. 

Freely trace this perfect sleek Christmas tree idea for 2022.

If you are not into art so much but want to have a start this Christmas. 

This drawing of Christmas tree is ideal to use as a reference.

Draw this Christmas tree covered with snow and add deeper black-and-white boundaries and shadows to make it look real.

Perfection doesn’t exist but now you have this modern Christmas tree idea. 

Use the above 2022 Christmas picture of a tree and have a great year ahead.

Suppose it is heavy snow outside and your Christmas tree is covered initially with ice. 

Leave the top part and fill the bottom area with green leaves and a brown trunk.

Make this easy to paint and draw art for christmas 2022. 

Kids can make it without no hesitation and hard effort.

Refer to this nicely drawn tree of christmas 2022 with your measuring scale. 

Keep the lines straight for precise results.

Draw a thick christmas tree with a star simply. 

This tree drawing is the perfect choice for kids.

Kids love cute things such as cartoons. 

This tree has a cartoony feature and children will definitely have fun while working with it.


Christmas tree drawing ideas for adults

Creating a different and unusual Christmas tree with detailing can be challenging to draw, especially when not having any idea similar to the expectations. 

We know that most adult artists prefer challenges and detailing rather than simple and straight arts and that’s why we are here with some of the best drawing ideas to fulfill your expectations.

Check out the whole collection to do some creative doodling!

It might look tough at first but with the right start, you can draw the tough christmas tree perfectly.

Have a look at this curvy leaves christmas tree if you are seeking a simple christmas tree.

Sharp leaves on this christmas tree are so random. 

It is ideal for adults who like random things and not sequential ones.

Even a newbie can draw this christmas tree, it is the easiest christmas drawing in 2022.

Make this wide giant fit in a small flower pot. 

If you observe closely, the tree has nice features: eyes, cheeks and tiny lips.

This fully covered christmas tree with snow 2022 needs a smooth finish.

A person with good experience in art can draw it perfectly.

Lock this christmas day tree drawing idea for unique art. 

It is a very rare kind of plant with different shapes and sizes.

You can also try this heart-shaped christmas tree drawing this year 2022. 

Plant it in a little flower pot.

This christmas tree 2022 drawing will only take you 5 minutes. 

Color nice and fine shades in it.


This beautiful christmas tree is making the celebration more exciting and special. 

Adult artists need to try it and make the day memorable.

Refer the given christmas tree idea for easy drawings. 

Draw a triangle and then add pretty flowers. 

You have a pretty decorative tree.

Complete this drawing of a christmas tree in a single stroke. 

Add black and white shades to it.

Have your triangle drawn on your canvas 

Add stars and decorate your festival plant.

This christmas 2022 tree drawing is for adult and experienced artists with triangles and leaves.

Draw this solid christmas tree 2022 decorated with balls and a flower pot.

Let us admire your strong christmas tree standing outside on winter snowy days.

This simple tree drawing for christmas for adult people is very handy to make.

Regardless of fine practice in drawing, you can effortlessly draw this art.

Make a cone on the top and then add frills below. 

Now draw a tree trunk.

Christmas tree drawing ideas for professionals

This is the third and last bifurcation of the drawings collection and is particularly designed for experts.

These drawings have more angles and details as experts are more into modern arts all around the corner nowadays. 

You can personalize and add a style of your own to your artwork. You can also mix and match colors to customize your art to make it unique from others. 

Below are some advanced-level drawing ideas for advanced artsy people like you.

Have fun and unleash your imaginative skills!

Being professional artists, this art is quite tough but you can simply excel at it. 

Stay more devoted to each leaf layer for an impressive outcome.

Furnish your interior with drawing wallpapers with the help of this gorgeous christmas tree wrapped in lights and pretty presents.

Show your mind-blowing skills with the given picture.

Make your family a little excited and warm with this christmas tree drawing.

Start from the top and slowly come below by making strokes with your paintbrush. 

Also, there is no need to be very perfect as imperfections in strokes are what make the drawing of a christmas tree genuine.

Draw and colour christmas tree branches with a dark beautiful green shade. 

Do not forget to place soft snow on the leaves.

Have this pretty attractive christmas tree for your day.

Never go unnoticed with this nicely made christmas 2022 tree this year. 

You can gift this painting to your friends and relatives.

A professional artist can try this christmas tree and can decorate with socks, candy, balls, tinsel and bauble.

Draw thin tree of christmas this new year.

The final say —

Once you have finalized your masterpiece, we are sure, you must be feeling very delighted and proud of yourself as you should be! 

Completing this Christmas tree and decorating your space is definitely very fulfilling.

We are certain that it would have been amazing and fun working on this creativity.

Want to do more doodling? Check out our whole ever-growing collection of easiest step-by-step drawing tutorials and some interesting drawing ideas.

Keep checking back on our website frequently, as we update our drawing lists daily. 

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