50+ Easy and Simple Santa Claus Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists – For 2022 Christmas

This post features 30+ Easy and Simple Santa Claus Drawing ideas for all age artists (Kids, Adults, and Experts). The collected images are suitable for anyone with at least a basic understanding of drawing.

There is never a shortage of activities you can do with your kids during Christmas. In this post, you will find some great Santa Claus drawing ideas to keep your children engaged in the spirit of the holidays while they hone their art skills.

Whether young or old, novice artists or experts, these drawings provide a fun way to get creative while learning something new.

These ideas are also great for art projects that you can easily do with your kids. This can be fun to work on as a family, where everyone works on their masterpiece.

How about finishing the drawings or coloring them in for the younger ones? You can even make it a contest to see which one looks the best. It is always enjoyed getting together to make new memories with those you love and care about most during the holidays.

Easy and Simple Santa Claus drawing ideas for Kids:

Add portrayals: You can add portrayals to your drawing. This can be achieved by either drawing on a whiteboard and then tracing it back with a marker or using the printable off the computer.

Make lots of practice: You will want to keep practicing until you feel that your art is good enough and looks exactly how you want it to.

Add watermark: If you have watermark paper, it would be great to use it because it makes your drawings look much more professional.

Add design: If you want to impress a friend, parent, or teacher, you could draw small designs on the cards. These can be small pictures of Christmas trees or bows with your child’s name.

This idea is perfect for kids who seek Santa clause’s simple drawing idea this happy winter season.

Draw this Santa easy drawing which is shouting your name with his hands up in the air.

The big white beard Santa is laughing with closed eyes looks charming.

Complement your drawing style with this simple and easy santa clause drawing.

Softly use the brush on paper to make this incredible Santa Clause art this Christmas holiday.

Try this Santa with a Big hat and kind eyes. Kids can take help from parents in making the hat nicely.

Enjoy your present receiving from Santa Claus and give this easy Santa sketch to him this time.

Christmas trees: Depending on how advanced you are at art, you can either make a Christmas tree with a star in the middle or draw two stars at the top of your paper. You could also color this Christmas tree with markers or crayons to impress your parents or teachers.

Make this happy Santa Claus drawing idea with big mustaches and dark eyes.

Kids, steal the hearts of your teachers with this stunning Santa drawing simple.

Kids, steal the hearts of your teachers with this stunning Santa drawing simple.

This zombie Santa looks very auspicious. Amaze your mate by drawing this simple Santa clause sketch.

Easy and Simple Santa Claus drawing ideas for Adults:

Santa Clause: The first thing you should do is try to sketch out in pencil the general shape of Santa Clause and where he is standing. The next step is to draw his face, beard, hat, and eventually his eyes and nose. Be patient when drawing because it is not always easy to get the eyes and nose right. Try drawing them over if they aren’t looking how you want them to.

Background: Once your Santa Clause is complete, you want to start on a background. You could place him in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a snowy Christmas scene behind him or on top of clouds with stars as his background.

Add details: Once your Santa Clause is complete, make sure to add any final touches, such as rainbows or ribbons around his hat, to complete the picture.

Fill your holidays with love and affection – draw the Santa Clause drawing perfect for adults. He is carrying a bag loaded with gifts.

He looks very old but content with his life. Let us honor him this Christmas by drawing this simple drawing of Santa Claus in a red cute outfit. ‘

Outline the chubby charming Santa with your favorite drawing brushes as shown in the image. It is a simple drawing perfect for adults who want to do minimal.

This aesthetic Santa Clause saying Hello to children is in a large awesome warm outfit.

Try this modern Santa Clause drawing with a cool beard, thin legs, and a cap with a pom-pom is holding a bag of presents.

Start by drawing the fur of a hat, then draw a face and finish the simple Santa Claus drawing with the long beard.

This Santa Clause drawing easy realistic from bright big eyes. Add a thick pretty white band to his hat and color the rest cloth in a red shade.

For adults, this distinctive Santa Clause sketch is an ideal choice as it is completely different to work with.

This big santa clause for adults drawing is fun to make. Add no facial features.

Steal the attention of people with this cute Santa drawing idea shaded in gray color and putting on an incredible fitted outfit.

The real superhero is Santa for kids. Here he is all dressed up in a great outfit with all of the heart-warming presents knotted behind his back.

Easy and Simple Santa Claus drawing ideas for Expert:

Add depth: This can be achieved by adding darker shades behind your objects to make them look like they are going back and forth.

Adding details: After your main draw everything else, you should then add details to your picture. This can be decorations on the Christmas tree or Santa Clause himself. You could also add a background by drawing in a Christmas theme, such as some stars or rainbows.

Take your reference to draw the realistic santa clause face drawing with big eyebrows and a giant beard laughing at you with love.

Experts can easily draw this Santa sketch without colors tilting his head and saying a good hello to you.

Wishing you a Marry Christmas, this big old Santa Man only wants the smile on children’s faces.

Look at this iconic Santa clause art cartoony with texture all over the face, cap and gray hair.

I know you must have once waited for Santa to give you presents. Make this art for your children easy drawing of santa claus with colors where he is having different great gifts.

Santa Clause Face drawing is popular among professionals who are always likely to work on big projects. Start from the face and then draw outside details.

Did you know your favorite santa is not always old and giant? It can be short and young. Try this easy santa claus drawing with boots and a bundle of gifts.

This cute Santa Claus face drawing for experts is reflecting innocence with bright eyes tiny cute nose and a pretty patterned hat.


The activities listed above are only some of the best, most easy, and simple drawing ideas that you could think of. Either way, working on these drawings will have your children engaging in a fun activity that is not just educational but also creatively stimulating.

It is sure to be a great way to teach your kids about the proper art techniques for drawing and have them take on an enjoyable project that they can get some fun out of.

These activities are perfect for taking with you on trips or hosting a holiday party so that everyone has fun while learning what their friends and family do during the holidays.

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