50+ Easy and Simple Christmas Drawing Ideas For Kids to Adults Artists

The Christmas season is about to come, and it’s time to start your holiday artwork. Whether you’re an artist for children or adults, whether you have experience or not, many Christmas drawing ideas need to be drawn.

The great thing about drawing is that you can create one side and let a child finish the other. These tips come from my experience as a professional artist who has helped thousands of people draw Christmas pictures over the years so they can see what they want in their homes.

Easy and Simple Christmas Drawing Ideas for Kids

Snowflakes: Drawing snowflakes can be done in two ways depending on your preference or knowledge about how snowflakes form.

If you are unsure how to draw a snowflake, draw each line separately. This is easy to do since it’s just a series of lines. You can give them a variety of sizes and randomness, but the important thing is to remember that they are all snowflakes. If you want your drawing to be realistic, add a few dots at the end of each tip.

Drawing them in different sizes and directions will make your drawing more interesting and exciting. You can also add some stars on top if you like.

How To Draw snowflake drawing (11)

Christmas Drawing Ideas For Kids

Simple and Easy Christmas Drawing Ideas For Kids

Snowman: First, this can be done in two (2) parts. Draw the face and then draw the hat and scarf.

This drawing idea will help kids who can’t draw to get the basic structure of a snowman. Start with creating the triangular shape, as it’s easier for them to do this with thick black lines. Then you can add eyes, nose, and mouth using thin lines of black color.

Easy and Simple Christmas drawing ideas for Adults:

Wreath: First, draw two circles and one rectangle. Add some swirls for decoration to make it more interesting. A wreath can be made from rings and leaves of Christmas trees, so you can also use those here.

Christmas Trees: This is one of the easiest ways to create a Christmas tree. You only need straight lines representing branches and twigs to draw this one.

The important thing to remember here is to make the pieces small to match your paper’s size. From there, you can add snowflakes as decor or any other favorite ornament on top.

Ornaments: One of the easiest kinds of Christmas drawing ideas anyone can draw. You must draw several circular shapes in different sizes and colors with a ribbon or string.

You can make it as simple or as detailed as you want, depending on your level of expertise in Christmas drawing ideas. Add some swirls and dots to get a more realistic look if you like this style.


Easy and Simple Christmas drawing ideas for Experts:

A Cozy Scene: To create a cozy scene, start by drawing a big circle and two rectangles on top. Add some swirls for decoration and draw a feather or two.

Holiday Lights: First, take a piece of paper and create a large circle where you want to place the Christmas lights. Then draw some smaller circles on top and make simple decorations like stars and swirls.


If you followed these tips, you might as well be on your way to having your very own professional art of Christmas. All it takes is dedication, perseverance, and patience.

And most importantly, passion for what you are doing because the holiday season would never be the same without the beautiful art of Christmas that comes from all of us who love this season—whether we’re professional artists or not.

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