100+ Easy and Simple Cartoon Drawing Ideas In 2023

With so many unique and complicated painting projects and drawing ideas available on the internet, parents may feel overwhelmed, particularly if they have children who are not naturally inclined toward artistic hobbies.

Therefore, children must have clear and straightforward drawing ideas. When life becomes stressful, your children can grab a sketchbook or diary and use easy, peaceful, and creative sketching techniques to relax.

Learning to draw cartoons and finding satisfaction in sketching has numerous other advantages.

It aids in developing hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, imagination, and creativity in children.

Not every youngster will grow up to be an accomplished artist, but they will all benefit from drawing daily!

Novices can execute most of the following proposals for easy sketching concepts without needing detailed step-by-step instructions.

Simple instructions are all that is necessary.

Easy and simple cartoon drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon Bees: Bees are easy and cute to draw. Make a basic sketch of a circle for the head and a rectangle for the thorax, and then draw antennae on both sides of the head.

On every side of the thorax, draw two big wings with some small wings on the bigger ones.

For the abdomen, make a thin rectangle with several dots inside it for stings. To finish your cartoon bee drawing, give it eyes and add color.

Cute Sunflowers

Cute Egg

Cute Ice-cream

A cartoon apple: Cut a small apple in half, and then cut out a triangle for the stem. Draw eyes for the seed head. To finish, fill in a little bit of color. Now the drawing is simple and easy to do.

Cute Lemmon


Ghost Drawing

Cartoon airplane: Begin with the wings. Make a rectangle shape and then sketch in details such as windows and doors. Create a body and tail for your cartoon airplane with another rectangular shape. Add little details, including propellers, and then fill in with colors. Your airplane is finished!

Cute Butterfly

Cute Bulb

Cute Egg

Easy and Simple cartoon drawing ideas for adults

Cartoon girl: To make a cartoon girl, start with the head. Sketch a small circle for the eyes, then add a nose and a mouth with two thin lines like pizza slices.

Draw the hair, and then sketch two straight lines for the shoulders. Add arms and hands that look like scissors to complete your sketching. Fill in with your favorite coloring pens or pencils, and you have a finished drawing!

Fish Drawing

Frog Drawing


Mushroom Drawing

Cute Bee Drawing


Cute Apple With Baloon

Cute Pencil

Cute White Mouse

Cartoon popcorn: Start by sketching a nice big circle for the head. Add two small eyes and a smile. Use an oval shape to create the body, and then fill in with details such as popcorn kernels or little pieces of salt.

Add arms by making a rectangle like an armband with two straight lines that look like hands. Finish your cartoon popcorn drawing by filling in details like clouds and sunlight.

Cute Snake Drawing

Funny Banana Drawing


Cute Fish Drawing

Cute Starberry Drawing

Minnion Drawing Ideas

Easy and Simple cartoon drawing ideas for experts

Cartoon dolphin: Draw a big circle for the head, then draw two lines for the body and tail. Draw little details such as fins and ears. Use an oval shape to create the body, and then fill in with details such as bubbles in the air or seaweed on sand.

Make a rectangular shape for the hands and feet with two straight lines that look like hands. Add two legs for your cartoon dolphin drawing by making another rectangle shape with a long line at both ends.

Cute Penguin Drawing


Teeth Drawing

Funny Girl Drawing

Funny Drawing

Cartoon dog: Draw a big circle for the head, then add a nose and mouth with a line on top. For eyes, draw two circles that are about half of your size.

Make a long rectangle slightly wider than the eye size circle for the body. Add details such as little paws and legs by making an oval shape of one leg size to half of another leg size apart.

For the ears, draw two ears that are each about one and half times as big as your eyes, just like drawing small circles around them. To finish your cartoon dog drawing, fill in with lots of details such as little things such as balls or bubbles in the air.

Cute Bird

Unicorn Horse Drawing

Cartoon Boy

Cartoon Boy Drawing

Cute Couple

Cute Girl Drawing Cartoon


This guide demonstrates how to draw cartoons using various techniques. The final suggestion in these guidelines is an excellent approach to learning how to draw cartoons. Drawing bees is one of the simplest things you can accomplish on paper.

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