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45+ Easiest Abstract Painting Ideas For New Artists in 2023

Abstract art is a form of art that doesn’t endeavor to visually represent reality. Rather, it employs shapes, colors, forms, marks, and other medium-specific effects to create an image or scene.

Some well-known abstract paintings include colored lines, dots, squares, or other shapes that don’t straightly represent anything. In addition, various types of art and subjects can be encouraged by abstraction without going the whole way. 

For instance, an abstract landscape or an abstract still life would still have elements that create them recognizable and visually represent reality up to some point. 

Despite what some people believe, creating abstract art isn’t mandatorily easy. The most well-known abstract artists were highly experienced in figurative, realistic-looking art as well as abstract art. 

To make effective and visually striking abstract artwork, you require a strong concept, a knowledge of color and shade, and further technical skills. 

At the same time, you don’t have to be a master artist. Creativity, imagination, and devotion to experimentation will take you a long way. 

Here are 45+ fun abstract art ideas and guides for inspiration. 

Before getting on to the ideas, let’s first know what you will need for your abstract painting. 

Check these out!

Acrylic Painting Supplies

If you’re a total novice who is just getting started with acrylics, be certain to look through the list of artist essentials for acrylic painting that are listed below.

Acrylic Paint:  There are numerous brands of acrylic paints available. Not all are produced equally, however. I personally advise Golden, Liquitex, and Winsor-Newton. 

Lascaux is likewise another good but expensive brand. The good thing about acrylic paint is that you can blend the paint from any brand. So if you’re not sure of which brand to bring, buy a tube from every brand to give them a try. 

Paints normally come in two qualities, one is “student quality” and the other is “artist quality”. You can buy a simple set with primary shades i.e. black and white or a set with many shades, which is a faster way to get started if you’re not aware of color mixing. 

Paintbrushes: You’ll need several paintbrushes in a variety of shapes such as flat, round, and pointed round and sizes.

You’ll employ bigger brushes for backgrounds, medium-sized brushes for shapes and objects, and the shortest brushes for detail work. Novices often choose brushes with synthetic bristles instead of natural ones because they hold well to acrylics and are very budget-friendly.

Palette: You’ll require a palette to mix and blend colors. 

Canvas: Canvasses can be purchased in all shapes and sizes. If you’re hoping to try out several of the ideas given below, consider buying a multi-pack. 

A Cup of Water: You will need a cup of water to wash out your brushes when switching colors.

Rag or Paper Towels: Don’t forget to have a rag or paper towel to dry your brushes after you rinse them.

Abstract Art Ideas To Try On The Canvas —

1. Palette Knife Painting —

Paint brushes aren’t merely tools that can be utilized to create abstract paintings. Palette knives make a different impact when spreading paint on canvas.

3. Palette Knife Painting —

Another illustration of palette knife painting that you can give a try on. 

3. Pick Coordinating Light Colors for An Abstract Painting —

Look at this another idea of abstract painting made by coordinating light hues such as pink, yellow, blue and white. 

4. Implement This light Cheerful Hued Painting —

Balancing the colors evenly and making a central focal point is important in this composition. Try this by yourself and create a masterpiece. 

5. Pick Three Coordinating Colors for a Geometric Print

If you are looking to create a big impact in a room, the bigger the canvas the better it would be. However, sometimes big canvases can be difficult to paint. This idea will make large-scale abstract art an easy process that can be completed in an afternoon.

6. Implement Bright, Cheerful Colors

This abstract artwork has graffiti vibes that might seem manageable to achieve. However, balancing the pigments evenly and creating a central focal point is crucial in this composition. Taking your time with it will result in an outcome that looks abstract rather than looking like a child’s painting.

7. Abstract Watercolor Painting —

Check out this one more watercolor abstract painting with a pink background. First paint your canvas with pink paint and then create the impression of a painting with watercolors without getting hung up on the outcome. 

8. Abstract Background

Check out this beautiful painting that can be put on the walls of your living room.

9. Puddle Pour Acrylic Painting —

Another puddle-pour painting illustration for new artists! Look at the amazing blending of colors and the pigment. Try this yourself on your canvas. 

10. Replicate This Piece of Abstract Art

Sometimes it can be difficult to make acrylic paintings look less inexpert. Many experts use acrylics, but these paints are also utilized by a lot of novices because they are really forgiving. This idea works with the acrylic to make the texture look more like watercolors.

11. Abstract Watercolor Landscape

Create the impression of a landscape with watercolors without getting stuck on the precise details.

12. Abstract Gouache Painting

Various types of paint have various qualities, and gouache is usually favored for the boldness and richness of its pigment. It’s a great medium for making colorful abstract designs.

13. Black and White Ink Patterns

Simple black and white paint on white canvas can create striking abstract art.

14. Abstract Painting with Oil Paint 

Blending oil paint with cold wax creates a fascinating texture and consistency.

image source

15. Abstract Scenery Painting —

Create the impression of the beautiful scenery of a lake along with flowers and greenery with watercolors without getting hung up on the precise details.

16. Paint A Dark Hued Abstract Painting —

In some cases, using only some dark colors is ideal for a piece of abstract art. These art pieces will assist anchor a room without being too engaged or adding too many accent colors to a space. Check out this idea to create a canvas that will elevate your living room.

17. Abstract Watercolor Painting

Among the effortless abstract art ideas for novices is painting with watercolors. Abstract patterns are a good medium for experimenting with the way these paints blend and interact with water.

18. Paint in the Style of Klee —

Or maybe German artist Paul Klee is more your thing? The artist was motivated by Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, and Abstraction, and your art can be encouraged by him.

19. Palette Knife Painting —

One more palette knife painting example that you can refer to for your canvas. It’s one of the most popular painting techniques that you can give a try on. 

20. Blooming Ink on Canvas

By allowing colorful ink to flow over a canvas you can make big, bold blooms. Later, magnify them with gold or metallic paint, if you want.

21. Textured Abstract Background

To create profundity and interest in your abstract paintings, create a textured background first.

22. Puddle Pour Acrylic Painting —

Puddle-pour painting with acrylic paint implies mixing different shades of paint together in a pourable consistency to make abstract patterns. The beauty of this technique is that you can never quite anticipate what you’ll end up with on your canvas. It’s one of the most fun abstract canvas art ideas to endeavor.

23. Paint a Canvas Using Acrylics

Check out this amazing and easy abstract painting idea for you to trace on your canvas. You don’t need mastery to create like this on the blank canvas.

24. Paint Your Canvas By Blending Of Acrylic Paints —

Take lots of bright paints and mix them to create this type of abstract painting. Combining bright paints will lead you to an amazing artwork with ease.

25. Paint And Create Shapes —

Sometimes you just need a few paints to create a masterpiece. Pick your paints very carefully that coordinate with each other. Paint your canvas with some beauty and turn it into a great artwork.

26. Oil Pastel Shapes And Rainbow —

Oil pastels build a different effect from other media.

27. Oil Pastel Shapes —

Oil pastels give a different effect from other media. Make shapes in the form of abstract art using oil paints. 

28. Air-Blown Acrylic Painting

Another one of the greatly fun abstract canvas art ideas to take on is blowing air onto a canvas dripped with acrylic paint.

29. Abstract House Painting —

Abstract techniques can be utilized in creative ways to represent subjects such as houses or animals. In this case, house. 

30. Pattern Abstract Painting —

Lining or shapes can be used to create abstract patterns that pop. It’s among the easiest of abstract painting ideas for beginners.

31. Mix Blue And Yellow along with other pigments —

If you want to create your art look even better, consider understanding some color wheel theory that can instruct you about complementary, triadic, and analogous color schemes. However, if you don’t feel like doing the study, it’s usually safe to imitate the work of other designers for personal use. This abstract art is well-balanced and the pigments work well together.

32. Abstract Expressionist Painting

Abstract Expressionism came up in the mid-20th century, with American artists Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning employing different techniques and forms than earlier abstract artists. Attempt it out yourself!

33. Expressive Scenery Painting —

There’s nothing like the expressive sovereignty of abstract painting. Dig into this beautifully expressed abstract scenery idea and technique from the pros!

34. Abstract Background With Word ‘Art’ Over It —

Check out this beautiful abstract background painting with ART written on it. Try this and make your canvas a piece of intriguing painting. 

35. Mix Orange and Yellow Together With Other Dark Hues For The Background —

Try this abstract painting made by blending of orange and yellow paints along with other dark hues. 

36. Black and white canvas abstract painting ideas 2023

37. Cool abstract art painting

38. Pink abstract art painting

39. Canvas Abstract Art

canvas painting ideas abstract (2)


abstract canvas painting ideas (1)


canvas abstract painting ideas (3)


easy abstract painting ideas (2)


abstract painting ideas (1)


abstract painting ideas on canvas (1)


abstract painting ideas on canvas (2)


abstract painting ideas on canvas (3)


easy abstract painting ideas (1)

Conclusion —

We hope these super impressive and easy abstract painting ideas helped you to paint your blank canvas perfectly with ease and quickly. 

Don’t forget to visit our website and follow us on social media and Pinterest for more such impressive abstract painting ideas and tutorials. 

Stay creative and keep painting!

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