50+ Easy and Simple Peacock drawing ideas for All Aged artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert )

There are few more attractive animals in the animal kingdom than the peacock. However, did you know that only the male peacocks are so extravagantly ornamented? The female peahen’s tail feathers are shorter, and its coloring is more subdued.

It’s little wonder that they were picked as India’s national bird, as they are adorned with opulent feathers in iridescent hues of emerald, sapphire, and amethyst.

Their beauty makes peacocks an excellent source of inspiration for various craft projects. Check out our list of peacock-themed crafts that you and your children can make at home.

We’ve scoured the top websites to bring you the best selection of peacock crafts. Some are suitable for young children, while others are more suitable for older children. But they are all enjoyable to craft. Explore our top choices!

Easy and Simple Peacock drawing ideas for Kids

Peacock Platter Paper: The children will enjoy decorating their paper plates to create beautiful peacocks. This is an excellent way to utilize the odds and ends and crafty items in your collage box.

They can be inventive by affixing sequins, buttons, ribbons, and even genuine peacock feathers to your dish.

Plastic Peacock Spoon: This DIY is for you if you want to repurpose plastic spoons instead of sending them to the garbage. By painting the spoons, a magnificent peacock can be created.

This craft is perfect for constructing a freestanding decoration that would be adorable as the focus of a party!

Cardboard Tube Peacock: Recycle your old toilet paper tubes for this creative project. These adorable peacocks are simple enough for tiny hands to build, and your budding artists will love attaching colorful feathers in rainbow patterns to create them.

Plus, they stand upright, making them easy for your child to exhibit with pride.

Heart Peacock: We love the arts! In addition, this cute concept utilizes construction paper hearts as an alternative to conventional tail feathers. This would be an excellent Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day craft for animal lovers.

Painted Straw Blown Peacock: The majority of the peacock projects on our list include collage and gluing, but this one uses another favorite — paint!

Children will enjoy puffing and blowing through paint-soaked straws to create a peacock-inspired pattern.

Paper Doily Peacock: Although doilies haven’t been seen much since the 1990s, this craft’s ingenious use makes them deserving of a comeback! This craft combines the colors of the tail feathers with a dabbing painting technique. We believe it has a significant impact.

Simple And Easy Peacock Drawing Ideas For Kids 2022

2023 Peacock Drawing Ideas For Children

Easy to Make Peacock Drawing Ideas 2023

For Kids 2023 Peacock Drawing Ideas

Colored Peacock Drawing Ideas For Kids

Easy and Simple Peacock drawing ideas for Adults

Pasta Peacock: The finest peacock crafts for adults utilize items you already have at home. This pasta peacock is made from various amusing things, including an old CD, paint, and pasta! (What a peculiar mixture!) And transforms them into great things.

Peacock Craft CD: This DIY recycles an old CD. It includes several activities that will delight young children, including finger painting, cutting, coloring, and sticking.

Pinecone Peacock: With this amusing idea, you may upcycle a pinecone from your wooded stroll and convert it into a cute decoration. Children will enjoy making this activity, which utilizes glittering pipe cleaners to create lovely feathers.

Due to the availability of pinecones, autumn is the ideal time to create this peacock.

For Adults Artist Peacock Drawing Ideas

Easy and Simple Peacock drawing ideas for Experts

Peacock Cupcake Liner Puppet on a Stick: This simple art project is perfect for a weekend day at home. As a puppet, experts can continue the imaginative fun after its creation. It innovatively utilizes a popsicle stick and cupcake liners to create a delightfully adorable peacock.

Peacock Drawing For Professional Artist 2023

For Expert Artist Peacock Drawing Ideas 2023 Updated

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our collection of wonderful peacock crafts that your children can make at home. Nevertheless, we believe that if you adhere to peacock-inspired hues and feathers, you will always be able to create something beautiful!

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