45+ Potatoes Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists in 2023

Potatoes are as popular of food as they come because they go with everything. They’re perfect to munch on while watching your favorite movie, pair well with just about every dish, and their kid’s shape is an impressive disguise (though my cat’s been caught red-handed wearing one).

But the humble spud has this unassuming charm that makes it the perfect drawing medium. It’s easy to draw and self-contained, making it useful for all ages.

Even though potatoes are a universal food everyone is familiar with, they’re not always as easy to draw as you’d think.

Potatoes often come in various shapes and sizes: ovaries and eyes may be one half-circle sliver of the eye, while the other half is another train-shaped potato.

This can get confusing even for seasoned artists. So we’ve gathered some simple and easy potato drawing ideas that should help make the trickier aspects easier to comprehend by both kids and adults alike (let’s face it – we all have been at work at least once).

Easy potatoes drawing ideas for kids:

Colorful potatoes: Potato shapes and sizes can vary wildly. Here’s a simple sketch for the potato that comes in various shapes and sizes.

This can be helpful for all ages because it shows how simple shapes can easily be used to create an array of different images.

Potatoes with eyes: Here’s a simple drawing idea using two potatoes that looks similar to simple eyes.

It’s easy enough to create, but it also shows how you could go beyond basic facial features to add detail, making your potato drawing more realistic and intriguing.

Potatoes drawig ideas for kids 


Easy to Make Potatoes drawig ideas for kids i 2023 

Simple ad easy Potatoes drawig ideas



Simple potatoes drawing ideas for adults:

Cartoon potatoes: This is a simple idea that can make different faces on a potato, depending on whether you draw the basic shapes or add smaller details in different areas.

The final result looks like a very stylized and cartoon-style potato, perfect for creating various faces.

Potato with a snot nose: If you’re looking for an easy but slightly silly drawing idea, this is it! It’s a simple potato that looks like someone sneezed on it – gross but not too bad when you think about how much fun it would be to draw them all over yourself.

Shiny potatoes: Potatoes come in various colors and hues, but they’re always somewhat muted. No one said potatoes had to be dull.

Making your potato drawings shiny and metallic makes them pop more by letting light reflect off them in interesting ways.

Potatoes drawing ideas for adults artist


Colored potatoes drawig ideas in 2023

Potatoes Drawig ideas for beginers artist

Potatoes drawing ideas for experts:

Sliced potatoes: This is an excellent potato drawing idea for anyone, especially those who enjoy slightly macabre drawings (this is where I’ll admit that I’ve always thought it would be funny to have a bowl full of eyeball-shaped boiled potatoes).

It’s a fairly simple potato with a partial circle eye. The teeth are tiny, but they’re cleverly placed and shaped to look like teeth.

Shaded potatoes: This is another drawing idea for anyone of any age or skill level. This drawing shows how you can take a basic drawing and add shading to create a fully-fledged piece of art.

The subtle changes in color and light can make any drawing look polished and clean, so don’t be afraid to play around a little bit.

Carved potatoes: This is a fairly simple potato-carving idea that can add some unique lines of detail to their drawings if the user puts the effort in.

It may look like there’s not much to carve on a potato, but if you carefully shade it, you’ll see that these potatoes look nothing like their boring counterparts.

Potatoes Drawing Ideas In 2023

Potatoes Drawing Ideas for Professioal Artist


Potatoes are a fun and versatile drawing medium, as they can be used in various ways to create cute faces and silly characters.

Mixing up different color shades, adding details with unique shapes, and creating unique patterns can make many interesting drawings that will keep the artist entertained for hours.

We hope you enjoy using this article to create your very own special potatoes for the world to see!

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