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50+ Simple Lotus Drawing Ideas For Kids To Adults in 2023

lotus drawing ideas in by viral painting

Lotus drawing is one of the world’s easiest and quickest drawing techniques. This cute artwork is always popular among beginners and most experienced artists.

Sometimes, our ideas might get a little ahead of us, so we need some help from others to keep us on track.

In this case, we will show you 50+ simple and easy Lotus drawing ideas for children, adults, and expert artists, depending on their age or skill level. We hope this will be helpful for you! Have fun!

A great deal of satisfaction comes from the process of learning new things. When we learn something new, we feel like we’re taking a step forward. But it doesn’t seem easy to get along when we don’t know how to do things.

Simple Lotus drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon Lotus: Draw a large oval/ circle. Then, add two big circles on the left and right of it. Next, draw two smaller circles to the side of each big circle.

Now, draw a half-oval inside the big circle on the left and a half-oval inside the big circle on the right. Draw a small curve line outside each of these half-ovals. Finally, add flowers at both ends of this curve line and sign your name!

Colorful Lotus in water: Draw a big rectangle. Inside this rectangle, draw a smaller rectangle.

Now, color the big rectangle in black and the small one in colorful green. Put the Lotus inside and draw a few leaves around it with simple lines.

Lotus Drawing Ideas For Kids


Easy Lotus drawing ideas for adults:

Lotus with leaves: Draw a large rectangle and divide it into thirds. Draw three smaller rectangles inside this main one.

Inside the small ones, draw some leaves in green and yellow colors. Finally, color the piece in simple lines and sign your name on the bottom!

Simple Lotus: Draw two big circles. Then, draw two smaller circles inside each of these two big ones. Next, draw a half-oval inside these three circles and sign your name with it!

Lotus Drawing Ideas For Adults

Lotus drawing ideas for expert artists:

Shaded Lotus: Draw a lotus leaf. Then, draw a big triangle inside it. Color this leaf in black and shade this triangle in red. Put the Lotus inside it and sign your name on the bottom!

Lotus Shade Pencil Drawing Ideas For Expert Artist

Colorful Lotus with leaves: Draw a lotus leaf. Then, draw a small triangle inside it and color this leaf black. Inside this triangle, sketch three leaves in green, yellow, and blue colors.

Color the small triangle in green as well. Put the Lotus inside and sign your name with a simple line at the bottom!

Lotus Flower Drawing Ideas

Lotus Flowers Drawing Ideas 2023

Lotus Drawing Ideas

2023 Lotus Drawing For Expert

Lotus Drawing Ideas


You can improve your drawing skills by making lots of drawings of lotus flowers for your practice. Maybe this process will help you to understand how to draw a lotus in simple steps.

You might not need any further instruction from us if you can follow these steps well and make the drawing with smiling eyes and your natural style.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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