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Pigs are one of the popular animals and are precious animals to lots of people. 

Their popularity isn’t only just because of their usefulness in farming, nonetheless.

They are loved also due to being cute with a lot of character, which makes them quite lovely to millions of people.

They have been used in many different cartoon characters and have been featured on many commodities, films, and shows.

If you are one of the several pig fans in the world, then you may have wondered how you can draw a pig yourself.

These 40+ easy drawings of pigs for all ages and levels will help you to draw one as per your expectations!

Simple and cute piggy drawings

We know that drawing any animal is not an easy task, but in this convenient virtual guide, we will provide you with some best drawing ideas that are simple and cute as the title implies, to help you hone your artistic skill and draw a cute piggy in no time.

We included the images in three fractions to help you to draw a piggy for kids, adults, and professionals, all in one space. 

Just observe the drawings below to get a detailed overview of how to draw a cute piggy effortlessly. 

This easy drawing collection guides you on how to draw a pig in simple steps and will make it easier than ever for sure!

Scroll down to see the images for each ability and expertise. Let’s ace those cute cartoon sketches!

Easy piggy drawings ideas for kids

Drawing animals is a valuable skill that enables kids to expand and unfold their inner qualities and personalities. 

To help them hone their imaginative skills, we kept these piggy drawings very easy and less detailed so that it doesn’t scare kids and hinder them from even trying to draw.

Do have a look at this bundle of creativity!

A side view of an almost rounded body piggy with a whirl tail is one of the simplest drawing tricks to replicate a piggy!

One of the best things about drawing is that you can add any color or modification as per your imagination. As in this drawing, the ears and face are yellow-shaded, and the nose is colored with a red crayon.

Or you can try the above one, a fully pink-colored piggy with a big round body and a small spiral tail.

Piggy drawing ideas for adults

Under this fraction, you will find drawings, particularly for adults. 

These drawing ideas are great for adults who want to draw an advanced comic piggy.

We have also shown how you can shade and color a piggy and you are free to choose other colors and shading styles for your drawing.

So, drive through each drawing to meet a perfect match for your artwork!

A cute and friendly pink piggy with gleaming eyes! 

If you want to draw a wild pig, go for the above drawing!

Drawing only the face of a pig would be a great idea! Try the above one if you are looking for cute facial expressions only.


Piggy drawing ideas for professionals

Being a professional, your expectations must be distinct and highly creative. 

To meet your expectations, we have collected some cutest comic and realistic drawings of piggies.

Explore and give it a try for the best-desired outcome!

Try modifications like adding a hat, a wi,nk and a Corkscrew tail, as shown in the above image!

Want to add some realism to your art? Take reference to the above-shown drawing!

Adding a frame or background would be a great choice!

The final word —

We hope that this piggy drawing collection was really helpful and fun for you to implement!

Once you’ve drawn your piggy,  there are so many ways you can customize your drawing.

Whether it’s by adding extra details, selecting some pretty colors, or drawing a unique background!

We will come back with loads of great drawing ideas like this one shortly, so make sure to follow us and visit our site often to never miss out!

Keep sketching and unleash your inner creativity!

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