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Clowns are some of the most popular characters in the world. They have a fun and unique personality that is enjoyed by children, horror fans, and even adults. Clowns are often associated with happiness and make people laugh, so it’s important to include them in your act.

Clowns can be drawn with various faces, hairstyles, and clothing patterns. Whether it’s your first time drawing a clown or a child making the first attempt, there are plenty of simple and fun things to try.

It is important not to get too caught up in trying to draw every last adjustment that you think is required for the perfect drawing of a clown.

Easy clown drawing ideas for kids

Red-colored clown: If you want to draw a red clown, you will want to draw a circle for the head. Add two dots as eyes and ensure they are pointed to show that the clown is smiling.

Draw two small black circles as the nostrils and add a red colored line on each side of the mouth. Once again, add two small black circles for ears on the side of this head shape.

Simple and easy clown art is made to add more joy to the lives of kids who love sketching pictures.

Look this is a funny joker drawing with a multicolored head and face. Try it out Kiddos.

Cartoon clown: If you want to draw a cartoon-style clown, you’ll start with a large circle for the head. Draw two dots as eyes that are facing forward.

Add a smaller circle to make the nose area, and don’t forget to include the nostrils that stick out. You can add some hair on the top of this head shape, but only one line is needed on the sides.

Draw volumized hair, large eyes, a nose, and a wide smile. Enjoy making clown drawing easy for children.


To begin with, draw a circle and then the clown’s features. Complete the drawing with short hair.

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Make the half-body clown drawing 2023 simple without colors. You are all set to excite your mates.

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Simple clown drawing ideas for adults

Green-colored clown: The first clown drawing will be for this monster clown. Draw a large oval for the head and add small circles for the eyes facing forward.

Add simple hair lines on top of the head and then draw a large mouth area with two small black circles on either side of it, as well as a single line going down from the bottom of this mouth to connect it with another line that goes down from the eyes.

Clowns make everyone smile. Now make their sketch nice to admire.

Standing clown: This clown is standing in the middle of a pose so that we will draw the feet first. Draw two small feet facing forward, made of a circle and two dots.

Once you’ve finished drawing these three main parts, draw two lines that connect those toes to the bottom of the head shape.

Make sure to include some hair on top of this head shape and over each arm, and ensure that both legs are in front of each other while they are being drawn.


This clown is playing with balls, observe the picture carefully and draw it.

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Look at this young clown drawing for adults. Perfect if you want to go with some challenge.

Make this adult joker sketch who looks joyful.

Try out this lovely old clown holding a balloon, smiling at you.

Clown drawing ideas for experts

Clown holding ice cream in hand: The first clown drawing will be the one for this fantastic clown holding an ice cream cone. Draw a long tapered oval for the head and add two small circles as eyes.

You can add hairs on the top of the head and two intersecting lines on each side of this head shape that will make up the mouth.

Add a triangle to represent the nose and don’t forget to add in eyebrows, both with one line, and then make sure to draw in some teeth inside of this mouth.

Step up your drawing game with this ultimate clown art holding a huge ice cream and a spoon.

Dancing joker playing with 5 balls and dancing.

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Make this simple drawing of a joker selling balloons and making people happy.

Detailed Clown: This drawing will be the clown we will be drawing as an expert. The first step is to draw a small oval for the head, with two small eyes on either side of this oval.

The next two steps are for the nose, which can include a big point on top and some hairs. Make sure to include a teeth bar inside this mouth and then add a circle on one side of this jaw shape to represent the nostrils.

This clown looks a bit disturbed, draw this confused clown sketch for professional artists.

I love this clown drawing idea for experts as the details are fully refined and clean.


The clown is one of the most popular characters in the entertainment world. Their amazing costumes and prank-like personalities have made them extremely popular with children and adults alike. With that being said, these 30+ simple and easy clown drawing ideas for all-aged artists will help you become better at drawing this fun character!

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