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2023 Updated 45+ Oil Painting Ideas for New Artists

2023 Updated 45+ Oil Painting Ideas for New Artists

We’re assuming you came here because you desire to be recognized alongside some of history’s geniuses of oil painting.

Or maybe not, maybe your oil painting dreams are a little more modest. Maybe you just want to fill that blank canvas with something beautiful, being able to exert a paintbrush, or making an oil painting of which you can be proud.

While the first may be a little challenging, although not to say impossible, the latter is within everyone’s grip. And we’re here to enable you to get there.

That’s why we’ve formulated this collection of 45+ oil painting ideas for beginners in 2023 to guide them on how to paint with oil. And although it is one of the most tricky painting mediums to ace, its impacts – its bold, vivid colors, its amazingly textured quality, and its glossy vibrant finish, make it one of the most rewarding paintings to work on. 

So, let’s have a glance at some of the things that you will require to have to start this painting and some of the essential things that you will have to know. Although with practice, you’ll be as good a painter as you wish to be.

Let’s have a look.

Some Essential Tools You’ll Need For Painting —

To master oil painting or, indeed, to get creative with it, you are going to require a particular number of practical tools which will assist you to work on the canvas. 

You can easily picture what most of these will be.

Paint brushes — Paint brushes are quite a good thing to start with.  But note the pluralism: you’ll probably need more than one of varied sizes before you can get ready for the painting. Flat brushes are best for larger-scale paint applications, while round brushes are good for making details. 

Meanwhile, canvases – primed and sized are going to be crucial too, as well as a color palette in which you can blend your colors. The easy mixability of oil paints is one of their perks so don’t neglect it.

And, another important thing is something to clean your brush – and water won’t do that. You will require a white spirit of some type. We’ve moved from using turpentine, however, so go for an artist’s white spirit. You will find it in any art shop that will sell it.

Once you have bought all those things that you’ll need while performing an oil painting, it’s good to think about oil painting ideas that will assist you to paint your canvas with some beauty!

Let’s get started! 

60+ Amazing Oil Painting Ideas — Great for beginners 

1. Chick —

Using oil paints and blending some pretty vibrant oil paints, you can create this cute chick painting grabbing green leaves in the mouth. Don’t forget to add a cute red polka dot bow to enhance its cuteness. 

2. Ice cream —

Another oil painting featuring this tasty ice cream! This simple oil painting will help you practice adding layers of paints and detail work. The frosting needs more attention as it requires layers of paint.

3. Fruits —

Here is a beautiful oil painting featuring some fruits. If you’re planning to draw pictures of edible things, this fruit oil painting idea will assist you a lot.

4. Flower with red beetles —

Find this beautiful painting using oil paints featuring a beautiful pink flower and two red beetles on it. This idea will help you a lot in practicing blending and mixing paints for a vibrant background.

5. Flower  —

Another beautiful oil painting of white flowers. White paint is the most utilized and beautiful hue used in enhancing the vibrancy of the painting.

6. Bird  —

Want to paint the canvas with a beautiful bird? Here is the one that will help you to draw a pretty amazing bird oil painting.

7. Woman painting along with a bird —

For a perfect unique idea, it’s always better to draw something that is thoughtful and can give a meaningful extract of the painting subject.

Here is a beautiful woman painting and a bird on the eyes area that indicates a woman with flying high dreams. You can add many specifications to the background as we did by drawing pretty flowers all around.

8. Light Rose  —

Here you will find a pretty pink and white blended rose with a beautiful background. It looks like a real one, isn’t it? Make like one by tracing this beautiful virtual idea that will enable you to think of more such ideas to add specifications to your art.

10. Beautiful Woman Face  —

Want to draw a human or a pretty woman’s face? This beautiful art of a woman’s face created by blending various vibrant paints will enable you to create a masterpiece like this. Take your brush and start painting your canvas.

11. A flower scenery —

This flower field scenery shows that even beginners can create a masterpiece. Create this simple oil painting yourself by following this beautiful idea featuring beautiful scenery with flowers on the front. You can add more elegance to your painting by creating mountains or clouds in the background.

Image Source

12. A Butterfly  —

Butterflies are an easy subject matter, to begin with. And this one-stroke butterfly is the perfect subject for beginners while also learning and practicing brushwork. If you are looking for a pretty and vibrant art project, then check out this beautiful butterfly oil painting.

13. Woman —

Painting humans can be intimidating for beginners but this painting idea of a pretty woman playing the saxophone can enable you to trace or download it and use it to sketch your design prior to starting painting makes it quite easy.

14. Potted Sunflower Plant Painting —

Bright and brilliant, sunflowers are one of pretty painting subjects for oil paintings. From stem to leaf, this idea will show you how to paint them easily on the canvas.

15. Potted Rose Flower —

Roses have always been a beautiful subject for any type of painting or drawing. Follow this idea of a rose plant in a beautiful pot and paint your canvas with it.


16. White Flowers  —

Another flower painting using oil paints will give you an idea to paint your canvas with some beautiful flowers. Blend brown hues to paint the background for a vibrant presentation.

17. Pink Flower —

Check out this amazing and easy oil painting idea featuring beautiful round flowers along with stems. Paint the background with more vibrant hues than of flowers to enhance the focus.

18. Dog —

Is any Animal lover out there? Find this beautiful and cute dog Painting idea for your canvas to turn it into your favorite pet animal painting.

19. Balloons —

Check out this pretty heart-shaped balloon Painting with a vibrant blue background.

20. Apple —

Apple is a very common yet intriguing art subject. Follow or trace this beautifully painted and shadowed apple art with a darker-hued background.

Image Source

21. Fish —

Simply making a fish might get boring or overrated. Try this abstract oil painting featuring these fish’s underwater waves in a circular motion made by oil paints.

22. Woman —

Another human painting featuring a beautiful woman made with various hues of oil paint. 

23. Bird —

Check out this bird painting sitting on a stem that looks so realistic in a painting version.

 24. Flower Vase —

A flower vase painting is best to display in your living room. Make one and put it on any wall of your living room and watch it enhance the beauty of the room.

25. Painting on wood slices —

Did you know you can use oil paints on wood slices? And these gorgeous cuts of wood make unique paintings that you can display around your house, give as gifts or sell. If you have never painted on wood, you will need to check out this idea for making a painting like this.

26. Rose Flower Vase —

Instead of making roses alone, try them with a vase. It will give a perfect presentation to your canvas.

27. City Sunset inside a woman’s head Painting —

Looking for a unique painting idea along with some meaningful thoughts? Look at this painting of a woman’s body and a beautiful warm-hued sunset inside her.

Image Source

28. Lemon —

Look at this oil painting of lemon slices and make one by tracing this idea.

29. Lily Flower —

Flower lovers will love to paint their canvas with different kinds of flowers. Here is another example of flower oil painting to assist you to draw like one.

30. Abstract Human Art —

Abstract art has become a very popular oil painting theme in the past few years. It can be a fun and easy way to start exploring oil paints as long as you don’t mind the afterwards cleaning up!

31. Oranges —

Still-life objects like oranges are beloved things to paint with oil paints, as well as a great subject for practicing perspective and shadows. Paint your own canvas with this idea. You can make oranges alone or with a bowl keeping them.

32. Red Flowers Canvas Art —

Another bright and cheery painting featuring red flowers to add to your walls. Check out this idea to learn how easy it is to make this happy and beautiful piece.

33. Roses —

Learn how fun and easy painting roses can be using oil paints! This flower oil painting will also show you easy ways to paint flowers using some unexpected blending of colors.

34. Scenery —

Check out this beautiful scenery made on canvas, blended with beautiful pretty oil paints. This lightly stroked scenery painting will help you to draw exactly according to your imagination.

Image Source

35. Sunset Scenery on a Plate —

Ever tried painting on a plate? Check out this painting idea and try oil painting on a plate and use it as a display or a decoration in your living room.

36. Bird Oil Painting —

Find this pretty bird oil painting made with vibrant hues and give your canvas a beautiful flying theme.

37. Christmas Tree

Check out this amazing Christmas tree painting made with lots of different oil paints. Fill your canvas with every color you have and make a pretty Christmas tree like this one.

38. Flowers —

Check out this another beautiful example of a rose painting with more vibrancy.

39. Blue Butterfly

40. Flowers Pot

41. Cute Bunny

42. Cute Buddha

Conclusion —

We hope these super impressive and intriguing oil painting ideas helped you to paint your blank canvas perfectly with ease and quickly. 

Don’t forget to visit our website and follow us on social media and Pinterest for more such impressive oil painting ideas and tutorials. 

Keep unleashing your creativity and keep painting! 

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