20+ Simple and Easy Sad Drawing Ideas For Kids – Viral Painting

Looking to draw some amazing sad pictures? 

You are at the right place. We have collected the easy, moderate, and tough grief drawings for everyone that you can choose to add to your ideas. 

Download, or simply bookmark the page for future reference. 

Let’s get started. 

Easy Sad Drawing Ideas 

There might be 2 possible reasons behind you pinging us – first can be: you want sad drawings for fun art and second: you are sad and want to express your emotions.

Most artists believe in putting emotions into their art because it can transform even a basic idea into a strong statement. With emotions, one communicates without saying a word.

So, here today no matter if you are sad or just want some fun, the given ideas will deeply connect it to your surroundings. 

Sad photos may have an alone girl, a lonely boy, a crying lady under a tree, a crying joker, a broken-hearted person, an overthinker, someone who misses the close one, a loser, or a cartoon character.

Most popular among all are humans who sit alone near a tree, or river, in a room, watching stars, or a girl with open hair touching the wind and a crying eye. 

Today, we will together work on finding the best sad drawing idea for you. Collect your art essentials, manage your space, decide the time when to sit, and don’t forget to eat something before starting off the art. 

Simple Sad Drawing Collection For Kids

This section is specially designed to help kids make drawings with ease and it contains ideas with minor difficulty levels. 

Moreover, kids can use the final art output as a project on school art fare, some exhibitions, drawing homework, and a home decor wall hanging. 

I promise this will encourage your creativity and boosts your self-esteem step by step.

Easy To Make Cloud Sad Drawing Ideas

Cute Sad Drawing For Kids

Sad Egg Drawing

Crying And Sad Cartoon Drawing

Sad Sun Drawing

Sad Drawing Ideas for Adults 

The next section is made for people who love art and are not freshers. 

We gathered some mature and more deep pictures for you guys so that no one of you feel bored during making the masterpiece.

Explore the wonders of dwelling in the artistic world of emotions with given sad photos.

Sad Earth Drawing

Sad Apple Drawing For Adults

Sad Umbrella Drawing Drawing

Sad Drawings for Experience Artists 

Lastly, we have something for champions too. 

If you are a good artist and have an experience in painting and drawing. Check out the below photos if you need grief, alone and sad ideas for your upcoming project.


Ant Sad Drawing Ideas 2022

Sad Boy Drawing Ideas

Cute Sad Drawing Ideas 2022

Cute Panda Sad Drawing

Honey Bee Sad Drawing


The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, you loved the given drawings. With practice, you will excel at making your own ideas. 

Recap the sad drawing ideas if you are still confused. 

Do follow us on social media for trendy art updates. Leave comments down below for suggestions. 

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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