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Top 12 Easy Ways to Make Painting For Beginners in 2021 (Updated)

Painting art is an art that everyone likes, and everyone wants to learn.

But it is not so easy to learn because to learn it, you have to give it a lot of time and together it requires patience. To master this art, you have to practice it again and again, which brings beauty to your painting art.

If you are a beginner in the art of painting, it will be difficult for you to do it, but today we have come up with 12 easy ways to make a painting, by seeing which you can quickly learn to make a painting.

1. This painting is made on canvas board, Ear cleaning cotton buds and acrylic water color have been used to make this painting.

2. You can make this beautiful sunset painting very easily because it is made on canvas board, acrylic color tubes and simple brushes are used to make it.

3. If you are new to painting art, you can try this painting because you can make it very easily. It is made on canvas board and uses acrylic paint. this one is a Best canvas painting ideas in 2020

4. It is a simple abstract art painting. This painting is made on top of canvas, with the help of acrylic color tube and brush, this kind of painting is easy to make.

5.It is easy to make a pink tree painting because it requires neither much effort nor much material to make it because the material for making it is easily available in your market. Hard painting paper and water color have been used to make it, it is a Best water color painting of 2020.

6. This is a canvas art painting in which a cute girl is pointing towards the star in the sky in the night. You can easily make this canvas painting using with acrylic color tube and canvas board.

7. This canvas painting depicting 3 different spaces is easy to create for beginners. You can easily make it with the help of an acrylic color tube and canvas board. this is one of easy creat painting for beginners

8. This painting of pink flowers is easy to make, to make it, 2 watercolors can be made with the help of brushes by putting them together.

9. This painting depicting 2 different seasons has been made on canvas board of hexagonal shape. Acrylic color is used in it.

10. This is a two half-half circle shape canvas board painting. In which the scene of different times has been shown, and acrylic color has been used in it. It is easy to make a painting in 2020.

11. The way to make this painting is different, for this you will need a tree with black prints and a large cleaning brush. And it will use acrylic color in it. this is one of 2020 new easy to make a painting ideas

12. You can make these two types of easy painting easily because in the video you have shown step by step. This is easy to make paintings Ideas in 2020.

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