20+ Best Oil Pastel Set For Beginners Artist | Oil Pastel Crayons

Best oil pastel set

Oil pastels are not crayons, remember this concept. They are completely different in what they are made of and how they are used. Oil pastels are the incredible creation sticks that will get imaginations pumping full of ideas, color, and originality.   By the use of good quality oil pastels, you can unleash your imagination […]

15+ Best Alcohol Ink Sets For Beginner Artists | Alcohol Ink For Painting

Alcohol Ink set

Alcohol Ink Paintings are a fluid painting technique and the name for colors found on alcohol. This term refers to several techniques that have to work with paint in a liquid medium. The highly pigmented alcohol-based inks can be gradually blended into the work, in contrast to the acrylic paints that are usually applied at […]

25+ Best Acrylic Paint For Beginner Artists | All About Of Acrylic Paints

Best acrylic paint set for beginners artist

The acrylic painting uses acrylic paint which is used in 1950  as a synthetic resin to bind pigments. Acrylic paints can be used thickly or thinly depending on how much water is added to them, it can resemble a watercolor or an oil painting.   Acrylic paint is waterproof once it has dried properly. Because […]

22+ Best Oil Paint Set For Beginner Artists | All About Of Oil Paints

Painting with oils is the perfect way to learn how to do a painting using oils, of course, includes making mistakes. In fact, it is an exciting way to create art. You can always correct your mistakes and paint them over without mess up your oil painting.   The most important concept behind the oil […]

25+ Best Watercolor Paint Set For Beginner & Professional Artists

Best watercolor paint

Start doing painting as a beginner, use watercolor paint is the simplest way to begin and become a professional artist. You need to work out with a different range of colors. In the beginning, rather than get confused with a wide variety of colors you can use watercolor paint consist of basic colors to make […]